The Song of Sway Lake

The Song of Sway Lake

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Loner Ollie Sway is on a mission to reconnect with his dead father by finding the one record his father loved most — a rare jazz-age 78 hidden somewhere inside his wealthy grandmother’s lush country estate. With his bombastic Russian-immigrant accomplice in tow, Ollie is derailed when the glamorous matriarch herself, Charlie Sway, shows up. Now Ollie must fight Charlie for Nikolai’s attention and find the record before his grandmother does… all while trying not to become spellbound by a local girl whose perfection mirrors the song he longs to hear.

The Song of Sway Lake is about the search for a lost melody: the melody of America’s lost heroic grace. While Ollie digs deeper into why his father committed suicide, Nikolai’s desire to become a Sway deepens, and Charlie, empowered by the attention, plays the boys off each other. But when the record turns up in an unexpected place, Ollie must secretly decide whether to abandon Charlie and his past, or deal with his demons and become part of the Song of Sway Lake.

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Director: Ari Gold
4x Sundance Alumni, Adventures of Power

Writers:  Ari Gold, Elizabeth Bull

Producers: Zak KilbergMichael Bederman, Ari GoldAllison Rose Carter

Starring: Rory Culkin (Scream 4), Robert Sheehan (Mortal Instruments, Misfits), Isabelle McNally, Mary Beth Peil (The Good Wife), Elizabeth Peña, Jack FalaheeBrian Denehee, John Grant, and The Staves.


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