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The World is Ending: Time to Rise Up (series)

news-featured image WeRiseUP series

STATUS: In Development


Feature documentary WeRiseUP is set to be turned into a long-form TV series. The film brings together social, political, and business leaders including the Dalai Lama, Secretary-Deputy of the United Nations Amina MohammedBlake Mycoskie, CEO of TOMS Shoes, MobyJohn Mackey, Founder of Whole Foods, NBA star Dwight Howard and Richard Branson. The film questions cultural narratives of success, and looks at the world’s most pressing challenges.

The World is Ending: Time to Rise Up will show organizations and communities in action, working to find solutions to the world’s most pressing problems, and pairs them with a team of experts, resources, and connections. The teams will look to solve local crises, while aiming to scale solutions globally. The series will also provide resources to viewers who want to get involved or implement the ideas in their own community.


Producers: Kate Maloney,  Steven Cantor (Tent City USA)Jamie Schutz, & Jessica Cozzetta of Stick Figure EntertainmentZak Kilberg & Iz Web for Social Construct Films,  Michael Shaun Conaway & Alex Melnyk of Storyworks 



Deadline article by Peter White: ‘WeRiseUP’ Documentary Featuring Moby & The Dalai Lama To Be Turned Into Long-Form TV Series — November 14, 2019

Stevie (Series)

news-featured image STEVIE

STATUS: In Development


Judy & Liza & Robert & Freddie & David & Sue & Me, the memoir written by Judy Garland’s manager and female power agent Stevie Phillips, is being adapted into a ‘Mad Men’-style television series. The series will follow the story of Phillips’ rise from secretary to tour manager to agent to producer in a pre-MeToo era.

Having started as a secretary, working for MCA’s Freddie Fields and David Begelman, under the glare of Lew Wasserman, she moved with the pair to Creative Management Associates, where she became Judy Garland’s “shadow”. Phillips went on to manage Garland’s daughter Liza Minnelli as well as Robert Redford, Paul Newman, Henry Fonda, George Roy Hill, Bob Fosse, Cat Stevens, and David Bowie. Sue Mengers, who worked with Stevie at CMA, will also be featured.

A true inspiration who paved the way for women in the entertainment industry, Stevie is an unapologetic, strategic force of nature who in her own words ‘learned to play her cards close to her chest and never fold.’


Director: Scott Winant (Good Girls RevoltCalifornication, Emmy-winner for Thirtysomething)
Writer:  Andra Gordon
Producers: Andra Gordon and Sarena Khan for Athena Pictures, Zak Kilberg and Iz Web for Social Construct Films, Jon Levin for Fourward, Joseph Cohen for American Entertainment Investors, and Stevie Phillips.


DEADLINE: Judy Garland’s Manager & Female Power Agent Stevie Phillips’ Memoir To Be Adapted Into ‘Mad Men’-Style Television Series – November 13th, 2019

Vanity Fair: Finally, a Mad Men–Style Show About Judy Garland’s Hollywood – November 13th, 2019…

Revolution Generation

REVGEN2-featured image template

STATUS: Post Production


The Revolution Generation is a manifesto for today’s youth on the societal forces that have shaped and held back their generation, and how they can deploy their unique strengths to revolutionize systems that have exploited or failed them. Today half of the people on planet Earth are under the age of 35 – this is more people than were alive in 1950. Theirs is the most connected, educated and technologically savvy generation ever. Yet the hardships they face threaten to culminate in a perfect storm of economic, political and environmental crisis. This documentary explores the sweeping changes that lead to the world that young people are inheriting and paints a picture of how this generation is awakening to confront both the US political crisis and the global environmental crisis. The basis for the word “revolution” is the Latin word “revolutio,” which means “to turn around.” This is the film shows young viewers how to “turn their world around” for good.

Directed by Josh Tickell, Rebecca Harrell Tickell, and Mikki Willis
Produced by Rebecca Harrell Tickell, Josh Tickell, and Nadia Salamanca
Executive produced by Andrea Van Beuren & Zak Kilberg

The Friendship Game


STATUS: In Development


In a small town, three high school outcasts and a pre-teen internet voyeur unlock a mysterious cosmic force via a seemingly harmless yard sale trinket, revealing the terrible fate of their missing friend, and sending them spiraling down a cataclysmic collapsing of realities.


Starring: Bella Thorne
Scooter Corkle
  Damien Ober
Producers: Daniel Bekerman of Scythia Films (Producer of “Rememory” and “The Witch”), and Executive Producer Zak Kilberg of Social Construct Films (Producer of “Would You Rather” and “Buena Vista Social Club Adios”)
Casting Director: Erica Silverman Bream
Sales: CAA and 13 Films


VARIETY: Bella Thorne Starring in Sci-Fi Horror Movie ‘Friendship Game’May 9th, 2019
THE WRAP: Bella Thorne to Star in Sci-Fi Horror ‘The Friendship Game’ for 13 Films – May 9th, 2019
SCREEN DAILY: Bella Thorne to star in horror ‘The Friendship Game’ (exclusive)  – May 9th, 2019

The Song of Sway Lake -Released

SWAY featured image

Now available on iTunes, Amazon, and GooglePlay, in US, UK & Ireland!
Available Summer 2019 in Spain & Russia.
See for current updates and international release schedule.


The+Song+of+Sway+Lake+US+PosterAfter the death of his father, young jazz collector Ollie Sway (Rory Culkin) recruits his only friend, a Russian drifter (Robert Sheehan), to help him steal the first recorded version of a World War 2 hit called “Sway Lake” from his own family’s lake estate. The plan is derailed when his accomplice falls in love with Ollie’s aristocratic grandmother, the glamorous Charlie Sway (Mary Beth Peil), who sees in the young Russian the glory of her youth.

Featuring a sparking soundtrack, including the stunning original of the title.

“A stunning film” – The Independent
”Offbeat, continually intriguing” – New York Times
”A rare joy” – Ain’t It Cool News


Director: Ari Gold (4x Sundance Alumni, Adventures of Power)
Writers:  Ari Gold, Elizabeth Bull
Producers: Zak KilbergMichael Bederman, Ari GoldAllison Rose Carter
Starring: Rory Culkin (Scream 4), Robert Sheehan (Mortal Engines, Misfits), Isabelle McNally, Mary Beth Peil (The Good Wife), Elizabeth Peña, Jack FalaheeBrian Denehee, John Grant, and The Staves.


GD cast announce news

From Social Construct’s joint venture, Convergent Media

STATUS: In Production


Social Construct’s joint venture Convergent Media is executive producing Prisoner 760  the feature film version of the NYT Best SellerGUANTÁNAMO DIARY, by former Guantánamo prisoner Mohamedou Ould Slahi

Slahi was a suspected terrorist and has been incarcerated at Guantanamo Bay for 14 years without ever being charged with a crime, without any evidence against him, and without having the opportunity to defend himself in court. Two prosecutors in his case resigned in protest, and a federal judge ordered Slahi’s release, yet remained in prison for 16 years. The New York Times calls his book “the most profound account yet written of what it is like to be collateral damage” in the so-called “War on Terror.”


Starring: Benedict Cumberbatch (THE IMITATION GAME, nominated for an Oscar), Jodie FosterTahar Rahim, and Shailene Woodley

Director: Oscar-winner Kevin Macdonald (The Last King of Scotland)

Writer:  Michael Bronner (CAPTAIN PHILLIPS, nominated for six Oscars in 2014, including Best Picture)

Producers: Benedict CumberbatchMichael Bronner, Adam Ackland & Leah Clarke for SunnyMarchChristine Holder & Mark Holder (BEASTS OF NO NATION) for Wonder Street, Beatriz Levin & Lloyd Levin (GREEN ZONE, UNITED 93) for Black Sheep Pictures, and Branwen Prestwood Smith

Executive Producers: Convergent Media’s Zak Kilberg & Russell Smith, 30West’s Micah GreenDan Steinman and Dan Friedkin, Topic Studios’ Maria Zuckerman and Ryan Heller, & BBC Films’ Rose Garnett

Co-Producer: Larry Siems & Mohamedou Ould Slahi

Financiers: 30West and Topic Studios with BBC Films

International Rights: STXinternational (a division of STX Entertainment)

UTA Independent Film Group helped structure the financing on behalf of the filmmakers and are representing the US sale with 30West.


Jodie Foster, Tahar Rahim, Shailene Woodley join Kevin Macdonald’s ‘Prisoner 760’
(Screen Daily article by Orlando Parfitt, November 1, 2019

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