Revolution Generation

Revolution Generation

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The Revolution Generation is a manifesto for today’s youth on the societal forces that have shaped and held back their generation, and how they can deploy their unique strengths to revolutionize systems that have exploited or failed them. Today half of the people on planet Earth are under the age of 35 – this is more people than were alive in 1950. Theirs is the most connected, educated and technologically savvy generation ever. Yet the hardships they face threaten to culminate in a perfect storm of economic, political and environmental crisis. This documentary explores the sweeping changes that lead to the world that young people are inheriting and paints a picture of how this generation is awakening to confront both the US political crisis and the global environmental crisis. The basis for the word “revolution” is the Latin word “revolutio,” which means “to turn around.” This is the film shows young viewers how to “turn their world around” for good.

Directed by Josh Tickell, Rebecca Harrell Tickell, and Mikki Willis
Produced by Rebecca Harrell Tickell, Josh Tickell, and Nadia Salamanca
Executive produced by Andrea Van Beuren & Zak Kilberg

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