Would You Rather -Released

Would You Rather -Released


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would-you-rather-alt-posterDesperate to help her ailing brother, a young woman agrees to compete in a deadly game of Would You Rather, hosted by a sadistic aristocrat…
WOULD YOU RATHER is a psychological thriller that explores economic inequality, the potential consequences of Social Darwinism, and power games. The film has been compared by critics to a less controversial version of Pasolini’s SALO, or a current reality version of  HUNGER GAMES. Other critics have described the movie as a “financial morality play with spirit and wit” — one that is “guaranteed to rile up even the most jaded viewer,” while presenting a “portrait of human nature as it is faced with a cold reality of choice and survival.”

“A bloody rare turn at classic murder mystery…”
-Rex Reed, New York Observer


Starring: Brittany Snow (Prom Night, Hairspray)Jeffrey Combs (Re-AnimatorThe Frighteners), Sasha Grey (The Girlfriend Experience),Larry Cedar (The CraziesDeadwood), Larry Gillard Jr. (The WireThe Machinist), Robb Wells (Trailer Park BoysBoondock Saints II), Eddie Steeples (My Name is Earl), John Heard (Home Alone), Enver Gjokaj (Dollhouse), and Robin Lord Taylor (Another Earth)
Director: David Guy Levy
Writer: Steffen Schlachtenhaufen
Producers: Zak KilbergMaura AndersonDavid Guy Levy
Executive Producers: Brittany SnowAndre Royo
Cinematographer: Steven Capitano Calitri
Distributor: IFC / Sundance Selects

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